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Cody has done a few appearances at Broke Straight Boys but this; his first time is one of my favorites. Cody is a straight 19 year old that is between high school and college and needed money for school. Like a lot of first time guys, he was nervous getting naked in front of the camera. As he strips off his clothes we learn that Cody is 6 feet 5 inches tall and wears a size 13 shoe. You know what they say about guys with big feet! To see Cody’s cock soft it doesn’t look like much. He plays with his dick for a while with minimum results then adds a little lube that perks his cock right up. Once hard Cory lightens up a bit and starts to have some fun. By the way, Cory is a grower for sure. His dick wasn’t much to look at soft but hard, it grows and grows until it reaches a full 9 inches and has a slight curve. I guess the bit about big feet is true. In a playful mood Cody strokes his long hard 9 inch cock and at one point even tries to put his head down and put his cock into his own mouth. He doesn’t quite make it but it sure is fun to watch him try. A little more lube and some TLC his cock is throbbing and shooting his thick cum load across his thin hairless stomach. Seeing that big puddle of cum on this tall blond boy’s body is awesome. When he comes back to do a few more scenes with other straight boys is even hotter.

19 year old straight boy tries to self suck his 9 inch dick

straight guys go gay for pay

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