It’s another case of bait and switch at Bait Buddies. This time it is straight Latino dude Manny Diaz that must decide how badly he needs the money. Manny answered an ad calling for amateur men to appear in a straight porn video. Gay jock Zach Alexander shows up as well but he already knows what is going to happen. The girls don’t show up and after hours of waiting the producer makes an offer to the guys; do a scene together and still get paid. Manny isn’t interested at all in doing anything with a guy; even a guy as hot as Zach. Zach plays his part well and acts like he doesn’t want to either even though he’s itching to get Manny’s cock in his mouth and up his ass. Just as Manny is ready to leave, the producer makes one last offer of more money if the boys will stay and play together on camera. Manny is desperate for the cash and says yes. At first the guys strip naked in front of each other, show off their cocks, and start jerking off. While Manny isn’t ugly, it is definitely Zach that caught my attention. Zach has an amazing body with ripped abs, a hairy chest, and an impressive 8.5 inch cock. After the guys stroke a bit they take turns touching each others hard dick then Zach moves in to give Manny a blow job. Manny is embarrassed to have a guy suck his dick but seems to really like it. The producer tells Zach to bend over and take Manny’s dick up his ass. This is what Zach has been waiting for and easily does as he’s told. Manny slides his dick in slow at first but once he sees how good the jocks boy’s ass feels he gets into it and fucks the hell out of Zach eventually shooting his hot Latino jizz  across Zach’s furry 6 pack abs.


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