Straight tattooed guy Zander jerks off

Zander’s jack off & hand job video here

Zander is a 21 year old doing his time in the military and trying to have a little fun when he can. Recently he was “discovered” by Dink Flamingo of Active Duty. Dink was there himself for Zander’s first photo shoot. Zander had no problems getting naked or hard. For a first timer straight boy he was very confident strutting naked in front of a bunch of gay men and photographers. Zander has a nice body from hours of early morning PT. His arms look big with large black tribal tattoo on each side. Zander’s chest is adorned with another tattoo and is is hairless. The smooth chest is a contrast of his hairy belly. With such nice definition in his arms and shoulders, I thought Zander would have a nice 6 pack. He doesn’t, but he definitely doesn’t have any extra fat on his mid section either. During his photo session (see pics above) Zander was teasing Dink and trying to get him into the action. During Zander’s jack off video he continues to egg on the staff. Finally Dink caves in and offers a helping hand. Both guys should be honored. Dink for jerking off a totally cute straight guy and Zander for getting jerked off by Dink. You know Dink has lots of experience and Zander is only 21 so… it isn’t long once Dink is involved before Zander is shooting his load. He keeps cuming and cuming as Dink continues to stroke his cock. There is so much cum from this hot jock that Dink’s hand is covered in it.

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