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Britton is relieved when his partner for gay chicken doesn’t show up. That doesn’t stop this determined redhead from continuing though. Instead, he will do things with the pledge master of the Straight Frat house. Britton strips naked and stands along side the bed for the master to get on his knees and sucks his cock until he is good and hard. He lays on the bed next for more sucking and licking. The pledge master spends a good time licking his balls while stroking Britton’s saliva covered balls. Britton gets leery when the attention moves from his balls to his ass. Like most straight guy, he gets nervous having another man near his fuzzy hole. That fear quickly turns to sheer pleasure as he receives his first rim job. The grin on Britton’s face couldn’t be any bigger as he enjoys the feeling of a hot wet tongue circling his ass hole. Another thing that Britton has never done is to fuck another guy. The pledge master pulls down his sweat pants and offers up his butt to the horny straight boy who inserts his raw cock and begins to fuck. The guys at Straight Fraternity are very aware that most guys love to see the cumshot and Britton is no exception. He pulls his cock from the pledge master’s ass and gets back into position on the bed for more rimming and sucking until he shoots his load.

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