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Daniel and Price are back at Broke Straight Boys and this time one of them is going to bottom. The guys did great the last time they appeared to blow each other so the expectations are high. After explaining how they each need cash the hard part comes up, who is going to get fucked. They play a game of rock, paper, and scissors to decide. Price loses and will be the bottom boy for Daniel. As they get undressed it becomes very obvious that Daniel is ready to go; his cock is already hard as his underwear come down. Price is still soft and receives a little oral encouragement from Daniel in the form of a a blowjob. Once Price is hard he switches places with Daniel and sucks his dick for a while. Now that both are rock hard, it is time for Price to take Daniel’s dick up his tight straight ass. Price applies a generous amount of lube to his virgin hole as Daniel rolls a condom over his long thick dick. Daniel goes in nice and slow and is careful not to hurt his friend too much. Once he is all the way in he speeds up and gets down to fucking Price hard and fast. The tightness of a man’s ass is too much for Daniel and he shoots his load quickly. Daniel is a good sport and massages Price’s balls and fingers his ass while Price jerks his own dick using Daniel’s cum for lube. Price has a nice cumshot that sends jizz onto his smooth chest and stomach. Both guys are smiling and happy in the end and why not be? Each guy got off and both got the cash they badly needed. Visit Broke Straight Boys now for the full video or learn more about the site here

Broke Straight Boys - Daniel & Price

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