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Brice is an outgoing 22 year old college dude. He is open about his sex life and tells us that he has never had actual sex with a guy before but has jerked off with friends a number of times and has no problems being naked around other men. With a cute face and nice body like his I bet there are at least a few of his friends that don’t mind seeing him naked and jerking with him either. I know that I would. This straight boy had me excited as soon as he started talking. He is so friendly and personable in his interview. When he starts getting naked we get a look at his smooth chest and stomach with tanned skin and a tattoo on his right arm. Guess you can’t judge a book by the cover as I wouldn’t have guessed such a clean cut guy to be inked but then again it seems as if everyone has tattoos these days so… A lot of straight guys are very uncomfortable showing there asses off at gay porn sites. I guess getting blown is one thing but showing ass is an invitation to be fucked or some stupid crap like that. This isn’t the case with Brice who gives us a nice good look at his butt. Brice settles down on the bed and starts to jack his cock. As he gets pumping his right arm bulges, his chest gets flushed, his tanned skin starts to sheen from the sweat, and most importantly if you watch with sound; Brice gets loud. It’s been a while since I have heard a straight guy get so into his masturbating. In a fitting end to a great jerk off video, Brice shoots a nice load too. The cum flies up and splashes across his sweaty chest and stomach leaving a trail of white drops all the way across his torso. From start to end Brice was outgoing and having fum. The producer takes advantage of this and asks Brice to take a taste of his own cum. You’ll have to watch the video to see the look on his face as he licks the jizz off of one of his fingers.

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