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Justin gives his blond friend Chris a back rub with a happy ending

As Chris Little and Justin Harris stand beside each other wearing nothing except their underwear you can tell that Just wants more. Look at him in the picture above. He is smiling as he looks down Chris’ body towards his cock. I would be too. Chris is a little hottie. His blond hair and lean jock body is only surpassed by his appetite for a good time. After some near naked roughhousing Chris lies on a towel for Justin to give him a back rub. Justin makes Scott’s shoulders and back feel great but Scott is noticing that Justin is rubbing his semi hard cock against his butt and he strokes his back with oil. Scott smiles at the thought of Justin thinking he is going to get somewhere with a straight dude. Justin continues with the massage and slowly pulls down Scott’s underwear to protect it from the oil of course. Look at that awesome tan and ass. Justin eventually gets Scott naked and turned over to finish his massage that ends with a very happy ending for Scott, Justin, and us. After the massage Scott laughs and says it was just wrong for him to cum so much getting jerked off by another man. Oh Scott… there’s so much more you could enjoy if you find the right guy.

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straight British guy with hard cock poses in underwear

Joel Shaw is a 19 year old straight guy that strips naked and jacks his big uncut dick at English Lads. You can tell that Joel is excited to be doing his first porn video even if it is intended to be watch ed primarily by men. There are a lot of women that watch too. Joel has a big ass smile on his face that appears as soon as he starts getting undressed and last to the final showing where his chest covered in his own cum. Joel doesn’t have a jock-like body but has fun doing some poses in his blue Calvin Clein underwear that do very little to hide his rock hard cock below. A few times his big dick slide out from the side but Joel does nothing to hide it or put it back in. Joel plays with his foreskin a little while then lays back on the bed to jerk off. The cumshot is okay but seeing the look of pure happiness at an explosive finish to his first porn video is the best.

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Kev undresses straight hunk Zack down to his boxers and notices that Zack is already getting stiff. Kev takes little time getting Zack’s stiff dick in his mouth and even deep throats Zack’s rock hard cock. Zack lays back and enjoys the oral pleasures but gets a little confused when Kev moves his tongue from Zack’s dick down to his ass. Zack doesn’t seem exactly sure what to do but moves his head over to return the favor and sucks on Kev’s uncut cock . Zack jerks and sucks Kev off spraying cum onto his hairless chest then adds to the cum pool shooting his own jizz all over Kev. I’d say that Kev does a fine job for his first time.

Uncut UK jock sucks straight friends dick for fun

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