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hairy chested straight man gets a gay blowjob in a NYC apartment

It’s been a bit since Dave has stopped by the apartment at NY Straight Men. He has been busy with a new girlfriend. She asked him to shave his head which, as you can see, he did. Personally, I think that the bald head, beard, hairy chest, and pierced nipple is HOT! His muscular body is nice too. Trey doesn’t waste a lot of time with small talk, he gets right down in front of Dave to undo his pants and get at the straight man’s cock. Dave isn’t wearing underwear making the journey and the view easier for us. Dave is hard as Trey slurps down his hard cock. The men move over to the sofa where Trey removes Dave’s jeans and shoes. From standing to sitting positions we get plenty of close up views as Trey delivers the blowjob to his horny straight friend. Dave loves the deep throat action delivered by the gay man. He squirms and moans as he gets close to cumming.  Trey jerks the stream of thick jizz from Dave’s dick then milks it to release every sweet drop.

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man in a business suite gets head from a tattooed gay man

The crew at NY Straight Men were surprised when Brent showed up to get a blowjob. See, Brent told them he was a painter but failed to mention he is also the owner of the company. Personally I like men in a suite and Brent looks great dressed in gray. Trey couldn’t wait for Brent to get out of his pants and pulls his dick out through the zipper of his dress pants to start sucking the straight man’s cock. As the dick sucking continues Brent takes his clothes off until he is totally naked. Watching the transformation from sharp dressed businessman to hunky tattooed stud is cool and the tattoos on his arm are a nice touch. Kind of like good guy goes bad before our eyes. Trey gives awesome head as any of the straight men he services can attest to and Brent is shooting his load across Trey’s neck, shoulder, and chest in streams when he cums.

Straight guys get blown at NY Straight Men


bearded straight man gets a gay blowjob

Doug didn’t come to the NY Straight Men apartment for chat with friends. He came to get blown! Trey is ready and waiting when Doug arrives. Trey gets down in front of Doug and undoes his pants to take his sweaty dick out and start sucking. Trey is very turned on by Doug’s man smell and pulls his underwear all the way down for full access to Doug’s cock and balls. When Doug starts to get fully hard he pushes his dick deep into Trey’s mouth causing him to gag a little. Doug admits that few people can swallow his full length. That is one of the reasons he likes coming over, because the service is top notch. Trey loves to keep his straight boy friends satisfied and goes the extra mile for hairy guys like Doug. They move to a table where Doug can relax while Trey finishes him off. Doug isn’t much of a shooter when he cums but the saliva infused jizz looks great running down Doug’s hard cock and makes a sweet sticky mess.

Doug gets off at NY Straight Men


hairy straight man gets a blowjob from a guy and cums

Billy has visited the studio of NY Straight Men before and loved the attention so much that he called to schedule another blowjob when he was in town. When one of the newer cocksuckers heard Billy was coming he jumped at the chance to hook up with the very hairy straight man. Billy showed up wearing a pair of jeans that says “Lucky You” on the button fly and the text is appropriate because everyone gets what they wanted as the gay dick sucker gets to work on Billy’s cock. He lowers Billy’s jeans to rub his dick and lick it through his underwear then pulls them down to take the horny straight man cock into his mouth. Billy gets hard quick and removes his shirt to lay back on the bed. Billy has a very thick covering of dard hair that covers his chest and stomach. The guy sucking his dick cannot keep his hands running through the thick body hair as he sucks and licks Billy’s dick, balls, and ass. The rimming action goes on for a while and it is obvious that Billy loves the tongue probing his hairy ass. Billy’s cum is thick and sticky leaving a small gob of jizz at the base of his pubes. Both guys look happy when the action is done and I think that Billy will be calling when he’s in the Big Apple again.

hairy men get blown at NY Straight Men

Straight boy Paco sucks Doug's cock

Doug and Paco know tyhe drill… show up, get blown, get off, and go home. That is what happened before when both have done scenes at NY Straight Men before. They are surprised when they both show up and the gay guy who sucks them off isn’t there. Both straight dude’s are horny and decide to stay and jerk off together. As their cocks gets hard Paco takes things to the next level. He goes down on Doug’s hard dick, licks his hairy arm pit, and bites on his nipples as he jacks off. Paco must not be too bad at his first time providing oral pleasure because Doug shoots cum all the way up his hairy chest. Paco gets off as well but with very little help from his (still) totally straight friend.

straight guys get blown weekly at NY Straight Men

Straight new york man gets BJ from gay guy

watch the video now at NY Straight Men

Mark is one of the newer guys that sucks straight guys off at NY Straight Men. Tony is a horny dude that got the best blowjob of his life a few weeks ago and is ready to get off as soon as possible. When Tony hears that Mark is available now he drops everything and is there in less than an hour. When Tony shows up he is already hard and sporting a big bulge in his work out pants. Mark wastes no time and gets in front of Tony to release the pressure that has been building up in his big hairy balls. Actually, looking at Tony, everything from his shoulders down is hairy. Tony’s body looks like it has never felt a razor’s touch. Mark goes above and beyond to give Tony an oral experience that won’t ever want to forget. He deep throats the straight man’s cock and uses his tongue for maximum pleasure. Tony does a good job keeping his hands from Mark right up until the end. When he gets close, Tony reaches down to jerk his jizz out onto his stomach.

From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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