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Terry is ready to go as things get started in his debut video at Southern Strokes. Don’t let the boyish looks of this cute blond fool you. He’s 24 years old and loves to get wild. You can tell he has a wild side when it comes to sex with his girlfriend and he likes it a little rough. He tells us all about his favorite positions as he tugs his pud to a full erection. This guy has a nice thick cock with a slight curve and nicely groomed pubes. All the better for sucking! Terry doesn’t seem to care who watches as he strokes his throbbing meat and humps the bed. Not many str8 boys will show their asshole in gay porn but Terry isn’t shy. Not only do we get a great view of his butt; he also shows us his forbidden hole before shooting his load across his abs.


Colt has gay sex with bi boy Brandon Anderson

Colt is the up and cumming star at Southern Strokes. This 21 year old straight boy started with a jack off scene like most amateurs then moved to a blindfolded blowjob that he enjoyed so much that he came back to fuck his first dude. Brandon Anderson is a petite 20 year old bi boy without much experience at gay sex either. Pairing up Brandon with Colt and his thick 7.5 inch cock may not have been fair for the inexperienced bottomĀ  but it sure makes for a good video. Brandon is anxious to get started with Colt and starts sucking his dick before his pants are even off. Colt is becoming more comfortable with man on man sex and gets hard quick then, like most straight guys, is instantly ready to fuck. Colt turns Brandon onto his side and moves up behind to slide his thick cock up Brandon’s tight ass. Brandon has only bottomed once before and Colt’s thick tool is too much for him at first. Brandon grunts and bites the pillow as he pushes back on Colt to slow him down. Once he’s fully in Brandon relaxes a little and Colt goes to town fucking the little guy. Colt fucks Brandon for a good time in a few positions than end with Brandon bent over the edge of the bed and Colt standing behind him. Colt knows what we like to see and aims to please. He pulls his cock out of Brandon’s ass in time to remove the condom and shoot his cum onto the dark skinned boys smooth ass and back. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Colt at Southern Strokes as he earns more fans with scenes like this.

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