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college guy gives straight friend gay blowjob

When you’re away at college and without your wife; what’s a horned up guy to do?  Warren has the answer for Shawn in the form of a gay blowjob!  The young men have fun as they strip naked and relax on the black leather sofa.  Warren reaches over to grab at Shawn’s growing meat then licks his way down the smooth chest to swallow Shawn’s throbbing dick.  The straight guy loves the feeling so much that he is willing to return the oral favor, slurping down Warren’s hard cock.  Shawn jerks a load from Warren then shoves his dick back into Warren’s mouth to bust his own nut across the cute college boy’s face!

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Jeremy gives straight friend Spence a gay blowjob ending with big cumshot

Jeremy needed some money and asked if he could come back to the Straight Frat house to get off again. The fraternity decided that it would be fun to have Jeremy back BUT he’d have to suck dick if he wanted any cash. Enter a new straight college guy, Spence, to the mix. Spence is a smooth tattooed dude with a nice 7.5 inch dick. The two straight guys start by undressing each other and do some awkward kissing before sitting beside each other on the bed to jerk off while watching some porn. Jeremy gets hard first so it is Spence that has to go down first. Spence has never had his face so close to another guys cock before let alone in his mouth. He tries to deep throat Jeremy and licks his balls. Jeremy seems to love the oral attention and strokes out his load. Next is Jeremy’s turn to return the blowjob to his new friend with benefits. Jeremy does the same tricks to Spence but is able to take the full dick down his throat. Spence goes crazy as Jeremy licks his balls and busts a big stream of cum that flies up his chest and leaves a big pool on his lower stomach.

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college jock is blindfolded for a gay blowjob

Leon is a straight college jock with a scruffy face and muscular body. He knows that something is up when he’s stripped naked and has his ankles bound to a wicker chair. It gets even more exciting when they blindfold him for his initiation visit from the new pledge-master.  Leon smiles and squirms as the older man runs his finger and tongue down his smooth chest and abs. His cock throbs and swells as the pledge-master grabs it and starts rubbing. By the time the sucking action starts Leon is already feeling the juices flowing through his loins. The pledge-master has plenty experience giving young straight men oral pleasure and gives the special treatment to guys like Leon. He takes the jock’s dick all the way down his throat while playing with his balls and pinching his nipples. The oral ecstasy is plenty enough for Leon who shoots a stream of cum up onto his lower stomach.

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Bull has been wanting to do a scene at Straight Fraternity since he first talked to Nikko about it 3 months ago. He is a little slow getting started but opens up during the interview when the topic turns to sex. Bull doesn’t mind telling us that he loves to jack off and has dreamed of having sex in public with his girlfriend. I guess that jerking off on a gay website is close to sex in public… with a body like his I’m sure there will plenty of people watching. Bull rubs his dick to get a chubby before lowing his underwear to give us a view of his hard shaved cock. All of this college guy is smooth actually, even his underarms. With his ripped body and completely hairless look it is easy to picture him wearing a speedo at a pool someplace and even easier to picture him in the shower afterwards. But I digress. Bull starts stroking his cock and stops a few times to point it right at the camera for fun. This shy straight boy sure does turn playful when he’s naked and hard.

straightcollege dude jacks off and cums

Brice is an outgoing 22 year old college dude. He is open about his sex life and tells us that he has never had actual sex with a guy before but has jerked off with friends a number of times and has no problems being naked around other men. With a cute face and nice body like his I bet there are at least a few of his friends that don’t mind seeing him naked and jerking with him either. I know that I would. This straight boy had me excited as soon as he started talking. He is so friendly and personable in his interview. When he starts getting naked we get a look at his smooth chest and stomach with tanned skin and a tattoo on his right arm. Guess you can’t judge a book by the cover as I wouldn’t have guessed such a clean cut guy to be inked but then again it seems as if everyone has tattoos these days so… A lot of straight guys are very uncomfortable showing there asses off at gay porn sites. I guess getting blown is one thing but showing ass is an invitation to be fucked or some stupid crap like that. This isn’t the case with Brice who gives us a nice good look at his butt. Brice settles down on the bed and starts to jack his cock. As he gets pumping his right arm bulges, his chest gets flushed, his tanned skin starts to sheen from the sweat, and most importantly if you watch with sound; Brice gets loud. It’s been a while since I have heard a straight guy get so into his masturbating. In a fitting end to a great jerk off video, Brice shoots a nice load too. The cum flies up and splashes across his sweaty chest and stomach leaving a trail of white drops all the way across his torso. From start to end Brice was outgoing and having fum. The producer takes advantage of this and asks Brice to take a taste of his own cum. You’ll have to watch the video to see the look on his face as he licks the jizz off of one of his fingers.

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Straight guy gets a gay blowjob

Charles is back and ready to get off again at the Straight Fraternity. His jack off video a few weeks ago went well and Charles is ready to expand his role in the porn business. The pledge master is happy to take Charles to the next step, having sexual experience with another man. They ease Charles with an interview and let him start jerking himself to hard. Then the pledge master reaches in to start stroking Charles’ hard cock. The handjob leads to a good cock sucking that has Charles moaning with ecstasy as his straight boy cock goes deep down the experienced gay cocksucker’s throat. Charles bucks his hips a bit and grits his jaw as he shoots his load across his stomach. From the smile on his face and sounds of pleasure during his gay servicing; I’m thinking he’ll be ready for the next step soon. Maybe a game of Gay Chicken?

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