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college jock is blindfolded for a gay blowjob

Leon is a straight college jock with a scruffy face and muscular body. He knows that something is up when he’s stripped naked and has his ankles bound to a wicker chair. It gets even more exciting when they blindfold him for his initiation visit from the new pledge-master.  Leon smiles and squirms as the older man runs his finger and tongue down his smooth chest and abs. His cock throbs and swells as the pledge-master grabs it and starts rubbing. By the time the sucking action starts Leon is already feeling the juices flowing through his loins. The pledge-master has plenty experience giving young straight men oral pleasure and gives the special treatment to guys like Leon. He takes the jock’s dick all the way down his throat while playing with his balls and pinching his nipples. The oral ecstasy is plenty enough for Leon who shoots a stream of cum up onto his lower stomach.

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Bull has been wanting to do a scene at Straight Fraternity since he first talked to Nikko about it 3 months ago. He is a little slow getting started but opens up during the interview when the topic turns to sex. Bull doesn’t mind telling us that he loves to jack off and has dreamed of having sex in public with his girlfriend. I guess that jerking off on a gay website is close to sex in public… with a body like his I’m sure there will plenty of people watching. Bull rubs his dick to get a chubby before lowing his underwear to give us a view of his hard shaved cock. All of this college guy is smooth actually, even his underarms. With his ripped body and completely hairless look it is easy to picture him wearing a speedo at a pool someplace and even easier to picture him in the shower afterwards. But I digress. Bull starts stroking his cock and stops a few times to point it right at the camera for fun. This shy straight boy sure does turn playful when he’s naked and hard.

From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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