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bearded baseball player strips naked and strokes his hard dick

Blake Savage is a straight college baseball player. Blake has a beard and very hairy crotch but a relatively smooth chest and stomach. There is a patch of hair in the center of his chest and a thin ring of brown fuzz encircling each nipple. Blake tells us that he needs cash to pay his rent and is willing to show gay men his cock and jerk off on camera for the right amount of money. The do say that every straight boy has his price at Broke Straight Boys and Blake is no exception. He slowly takes off his clothes to display every inch of his naked body including a rare look at his fur lined ass crack. Blake leaves his pubes intact and has a nice big ball sac. It seems difficult for Blake to get hard at first but eventually his dick grows to a nice hard erection. As Blake lets his inhibitions go he rubs himself as he rubs his hard dick moaning in pleasure. The more he goes the sexier it gets as this straight boy lets loose and gets into his jerk off video shooting a sticky load of cum for a grand finish to his first adult video. Hopefully it will not be his last.

Blake Savage cums at Broke Straight Boys


bearded straight man gets a gay blowjob

Doug didn’t come to the NY Straight Men apartment for chat with friends. He came to get blown! Trey is ready and waiting when Doug arrives. Trey gets down in front of Doug and undoes his pants to take his sweaty dick out and start sucking. Trey is very turned on by Doug’s man smell and pulls his underwear all the way down for full access to Doug’s cock and balls. When Doug starts to get fully hard he pushes his dick deep into Trey’s mouth causing him to gag a little. Doug admits that few people can swallow his full length. That is one of the reasons he likes coming over, because the service is top notch. Trey loves to keep his straight boy friends satisfied and goes the extra mile for hairy guys like Doug. They move to a table where Doug can relax while Trey finishes him off. Doug isn’t much of a shooter when he cums but the saliva infused jizz looks great running down Doug’s hard cock and makes a sweet sticky mess.

Doug gets off at NY Straight Men


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