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Jeremy gives straight friend Spence a gay blowjob ending with big cumshot

Jeremy needed some money and asked if he could come back to the Straight Frat house to get off again. The fraternity decided that it would be fun to have Jeremy back BUT he’d have to suck dick if he wanted any cash. Enter a new straight college guy, Spence, to the mix. Spence is a smooth tattooed dude with a nice 7.5 inch dick. The two straight guys start by undressing each other and do some awkward kissing before sitting beside each other on the bed to jerk off while watching some porn. Jeremy gets hard first so it is Spence that has to go down first. Spence has never had his face so close to another guys cock before let alone in his mouth. He tries to deep throat Jeremy and licks his balls. Jeremy seems to love the oral attention and strokes out his load. Next is Jeremy’s turn to return the blowjob to his new friend with benefits. Jeremy does the same tricks to Spence but is able to take the full dick down his throat. Spence goes crazy as Jeremy licks his balls and busts a big stream of cum that flies up his chest and leaves a big pool on his lower stomach.

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bearded straight man gets a gay blowjob

Doug didn’t come to the NY Straight Men apartment for chat with friends. He came to get blown! Trey is ready and waiting when Doug arrives. Trey gets down in front of Doug and undoes his pants to take his sweaty dick out and start sucking. Trey is very turned on by Doug’s man smell and pulls his underwear all the way down for full access to Doug’s cock and balls. When Doug starts to get fully hard he pushes his dick deep into Trey’s mouth causing him to gag a little. Doug admits that few people can swallow his full length. That is one of the reasons he likes coming over, because the service is top notch. Trey loves to keep his straight boy friends satisfied and goes the extra mile for hairy guys like Doug. They move to a table where Doug can relax while Trey finishes him off. Doug isn’t much of a shooter when he cums but the saliva infused jizz looks great running down Doug’s hard cock and makes a sweet sticky mess.

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Gabe Lawson is happy to help the crew at Bait Buddies break in a new wanna be straight porn star. The unsuspecting Jason St. James looks great with his dark hair and blue eyes. Jason has no trouble getting naked or even getting hard as part of the interview. His dick goes a little soft for a minute when they inform him that the sex scene with be with Gabe though. The softness disappears fast when gabe leans over to start sucking on Jason’s dick. Jason stays hard through the gay blowjob and even semi hard as he chokes down Gabe’s dick in an act of oral reciprocation. The best part of the video for me is when Jason sits down on Gabe’s 7.5 inch dick. The look on his face is priceless as he slowly lowers himself onto the big piece of hard cock. Jason must feel some degree of pleasure too because his own dick gets rock hard as he rides the cock. Jason lays on the sofa for the finale that has Gabe fucking his ass as he strokes his load that goes up onto his hairless chest. Gabe continues to fuck the straight guy’s tight butt until he shoots his own cum onto Jason’s stomach.

straight guy cums while having sex with gay dude


Colt has gay sex with bi boy Brandon Anderson

Colt is the up and cumming star at Southern Strokes. This 21 year old straight boy started with a jack off scene like most amateurs then moved to a blindfolded blowjob that he enjoyed so much that he came back to fuck his first dude. Brandon Anderson is a petite 20 year old bi boy without much experience at gay sex either. Pairing up Brandon with Colt and his thick 7.5 inch cock may not have been fair for the inexperienced bottomĀ  but it sure makes for a good video. Brandon is anxious to get started with Colt and starts sucking his dick before his pants are even off. Colt is becoming more comfortable with man on man sex and gets hard quick then, like most straight guys, is instantly ready to fuck. Colt turns Brandon onto his side and moves up behind to slide his thick cock up Brandon’s tight ass. Brandon has only bottomed once before and Colt’s thick tool is too much for him at first. Brandon grunts and bites the pillow as he pushes back on Colt to slow him down. Once he’s fully in Brandon relaxes a little and Colt goes to town fucking the little guy. Colt fucks Brandon for a good time in a few positions than end with Brandon bent over the edge of the bed and Colt standing behind him. Colt knows what we like to see and aims to please. He pulls his cock out of Brandon’s ass in time to remove the condom and shoot his cum onto the dark skinned boys smooth ass and back. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Colt at Southern Strokes as he earns more fans with scenes like this.

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pale straight guy has gay sex with tan tattooed dude

Blake Thomas is at the Bait Buddies studios to shoot his first porn video. He does his interview with another applicant, Isaac Hamilton. Of course Issac knows that the girls are not going to show and he is gay. Blake talks about himself easily and seems eager to get on with the sex. Both guys strip naked and start jerking off on the futon together. I was happily surprised to see Blake’s hard dick. Blake has a huge mound of pubes that makes his dick look small when it is soft but gets to a thick 8 inches when it is hard. Blake’s cock looks even better when he lathers some lube on it to jerk off. Blake’s attitude changes when he is told that the girls wont be coming today and instead, they want him to do a sex scene with Isaac. To compensate him they are going to double his pay but only if he goes all the way with his male costar. After seeing Blake’s nice cock Isaac is game and reaches over to start jerking and sucking the straight guys dick. Obviously Blake says yes and begins his first gay sex experience. Blake loves getting blown by Isaac but doesn’t seem keen on returning the oral favor. Instead, Blake lubes up Isaac’s hard 7 inch dick and sits down on it. Blake rides the gay guys dick until he is loosened up then changes position for Isaac to ride his virgin ass.

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tattooed straight guy sucks dick and gets fucked in the ass

Zach is one of the new member favorites that appears at the All New Broke Straight Boys. While the website, pictures, and videos may have an new feel, the amateur straight men are still jacking off and having sex with another guy for cash. Back to Zach… a few weeks ago he took a big dildo up his virgin ass and said it wasn’t too bad. This week he was promised more cash than ever before to let another straight guy (Jimmy) fuck him straight up. Zach wants the cash and wastes little time getting down on his knees to suck Jimmy’s dick until it’s nice and hard. Zach hesitates a little and winces a lot as Jimmy slides his condom covered cock up the newbie straight boy’s butt. Once the full length of Jimmy’s dick is up Zach’s ass, Zach starts to relax and Jimmy pumps harder. Jimmy fucks Zach doggy style first then puts Zach on his back with legs in the air to finish him off. Zach jerks his cock as Jimmy fucks him and both straight guys shoot their load onto Zach’s hairless chest and stomach. With streams of cum running down Zach, he has a big smile on his face knowing that he just earned a big wad of cash.

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From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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