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Seamus O'Brien gets jacked off by Dirty Tony

Seamus O’Brien is a straight guy that, like many men, wants to get into porn so he can get paid to fuck slutty women. He did one porn scene before but had trouble getting hard with other guys around. Tony has a way of making straight guys comfortable and as we see, Seamus is no exception. Seamus has no trouble getting undressed to show us his lean tattooed body and even gives us a quick look at his ass. Sweet! With barely a touch his cock is hard and ready as he lies back to start stroking. Tony wants to measure Seamus’ dick and grabs hold to lay the ruler against his hard dick. Seamus doesn’t mind and even kind of enjoys the grip of a hand around his horny cock so… Tony keeps stroking the straight guys dick for him. Hell, I know that I would. Seamus enjoys the hand job so much that he doesn’t care when Tony takes his own hard dick out to jerk off too. Judging by the nice load that Seamus shoots and the fact that he even lets Tony jizz across his belly; I’d say that this straight guy enjoyed his gay jerk off.

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smooth straight guy fucks hairy gay dude up the ass

When Bryce Jones showed up to do a jerk off video and found another guy in the room he was a bit shaken. Bryce is straight and already uncomfortable about doing his first naked video. The crew at Bait Buddies tell him not to worry and offer him a little extra if he will do the scene with the hairy gay dude, David Hitch. By the way, Bryce doesn’t know that David is gay and is there to do a lot more than just jerk off with the straight college boy. You can see the excitement in David’s face as he watches Bryce strip naked. The guys jerk off together at first then are instructed to move closer and play with each other dick. Bryce isn’t interested but David is and moves right over to grab hold of his porn partner’s hard dick. Jerking the straight guy isn’t enough and David leans over to start sucking. Bryce closes his eyes at first but soon loves the oral attention. Gay guys definitely suck dick better than girls do and Bryce is figuring that out quick. When it comes time for Bryce to return the favor he shows that sucking dick isn’t something he is suited for. Bryce gags down the throbbing 7 inch dick of David. The producer can see that Bryce was better at inserting his dick rather than taking it and asks Bryce if he’d like to fuck David. Bryce comments on how hairy David’s butt is then agrees when they offer him more money. Bryce puts a condom on as David gets ready. The straight guy fucks his gay partner doggy style first then turns him over so that David can jerk himself off while being fucked. David cums first, spurting his load onto his belly and is soon followed by Bryce who is a decent shooter. He spurts cum up onto David’s chest.

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Justin gives his blond friend Chris a back rub with a happy ending

As Chris Little and Justin Harris stand beside each other wearing nothing except their underwear you can tell that Just wants more. Look at him in the picture above. He is smiling as he looks down Chris’ body towards his cock. I would be too. Chris is a little hottie. His blond hair and lean jock body is only surpassed by his appetite for a good time. After some near naked roughhousing Chris lies on a towel for Justin to give him a back rub. Justin makes Scott’s shoulders and back feel great but Scott is noticing that Justin is rubbing his semi hard cock against his butt and he strokes his back with oil. Scott smiles at the thought of Justin thinking he is going to get somewhere with a straight dude. Justin continues with the massage and slowly pulls down Scott’s underwear to protect it from the oil of course. Look at that awesome tan and ass. Justin eventually gets Scott naked and turned over to finish his massage that ends with a very happy ending for Scott, Justin, and us. After the massage Scott laughs and says it was just wrong for him to cum so much getting jerked off by another man. Oh Scott… there’s so much more you could enjoy if you find the right guy.

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A few weeks ago a new straight boy named Anthony arrived at the studio looking for some cash. This skinny young man got naked and jacked off for his first time on camera. During his jerk off video Anthony admitted that he loves the feeling of rubbing and fingering his ass while he jacks off but has never had anything except a finger up that tight straight bung hole. The producers at Broke Straight Boys are going to change that.

Anthony, meet Jimmy. You already know Jimmy. He is one of the regulars at BSB and somewhat of a member’s favorite. Jimmy has a fun personality, a willingness to experiment with guys, and a big fat cock that he has no trouble keeping hard. Anthony knows from the start what is expected of him… He is to suck on Jimmy’s dick then get fucked for the first time by a dude. The guys start with the usual interview and get to know each other a little before they strip and get started. Jimmy tells us that he has been reading the BSB message boards and wants to keep his fans happy so he has purchased a new pair of boxers and will get hard in them to please the fans. Both guys stroke their cocks through and under their shorts. Jimmy is fully hard in no time and Anthony is nearly there when the boxers come off. After some mutual masturbation, Anthony grabs hold of Jimmy’s hard dick and bends over to start sucking. Anthony does okay to start but doesn’t take long before he’s gagging and choking on Jimmy’s big dick. Maybe licking the head and shaft rather than trying to deep throat will be better? It sure does get Jimmy excited and rock hard. Jimmy says he is ready for the next part, fucking Anthony’s virgin hole.

Anthony has never had anything bigger than a finger up his smooth butt before so he warms up with a little lubed finger action to get ready. He should have warmed up more (rule 7 dude: limber up) because the look on his face is excruciating as Jimmy slides his cock up Anthony’s tight butt. I liked that part so much that I’m adding a picture that nicely shows Anthony’s face below. Eventually he gets okay with Jimmy’s big meat up his butt and starts stroking his own cock as he gets fucked. Anthony never does get fully hard but that’s okay because Jimmy is hard (and big) enough for both of them. Jimmy continues to fuck Anthony from a few positions and even gets a little rough with the newbie, grabbing his throat while pounding him from behind. When it’s time to cum Jimmy makes sure that Anthony gets a close up view by jerking his load onto the smooth straight boy’s pale chest.

tattooed straight boy gets a cock up his ass for the first time


guy guy has sex with tattooed straight man

Max Crase knows exactly what he likes and wants. He has been e-mailing the guys at Bait Buddies to be a gay-bait boy for some time now. The only problem is that he is kind of picky and wanted a guy with a sexy accent. a big dick, and a wild side. They think they have found just the guy in straight boy Leo. Leo is an immigrant from eastern Europe. He has lived in the US for about 12 years but still has the accent and like most euroboys; a big uncut cock.

The set up is the same as most scenes at Bait Buddies. Leo thinks that he is applying to do a straight porn. He is out of town from Chicago where his girlfriend is and is ready to get paid to fuck a hot chick. Enter blond gay boy Max. The two of them sit on the sofa together and answer some questions before getting undressed. Each guy shows off his naked body but Leo is definitely the more impressive of the two. His muscled body has lots of black ink tattoos and his dick looks big, even soft. There is plenty of foreskin hanging from the thick meat between Leo’s legs and seeing it brings a big smile and thumbs up form Max. The guys sit down and start jerking off together. Leo says that he has jacked off with other straight friends before so it’s no big deal with Max. When the producer asks Leo to do stuff with Max he isn’t interested. That is until they offer him more money and tell him that no girls are coming. Leo is ready to get off so he says yes. Within a second, Max is going down to take a taste of Leo’s fat uncut dick. Fully hard Leo is about 9 inches and Max loves every bit of it. He licks and sucks the straight dudes dick until it is nice and wet and throbbing hard. Leo does something totally unexpected and actually rims Max for a few seconds before applying a condom and lube to start fucking Max. Leo does Max in at least three positions that end with them missionary and Leo jerking his new sex buddy as he fucks his as. Max cums with Leo’s hand on his dick and hard cock up his ass. Leo moves his dick back to Max’s expert mouth to ejaculate his load. In the end, Leo says that his girlfriend is going to need to step up her oral game if she is going to compete with guys like Max for his sexual attentions. I’m sure that there are plenty of men willing to compete for a piece of Leo any day.

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Jeremy gives straight friend Spence a gay blowjob ending with big cumshot

Jeremy needed some money and asked if he could come back to the Straight Frat house to get off again. The fraternity decided that it would be fun to have Jeremy back BUT he’d have to suck dick if he wanted any cash. Enter a new straight college guy, Spence, to the mix. Spence is a smooth tattooed dude with a nice 7.5 inch dick. The two straight guys start by undressing each other and do some awkward kissing before sitting beside each other on the bed to jerk off while watching some porn. Jeremy gets hard first so it is Spence that has to go down first. Spence has never had his face so close to another guys cock before let alone in his mouth. He tries to deep throat Jeremy and licks his balls. Jeremy seems to love the oral attention and strokes out his load. Next is Jeremy’s turn to return the blowjob to his new friend with benefits. Jeremy does the same tricks to Spence but is able to take the full dick down his throat. Spence goes crazy as Jeremy licks his balls and busts a big stream of cum that flies up his chest and leaves a big pool on his lower stomach.

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From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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