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tattooed guy sucks friend's cock then gets fucked bareback

Straight military men Jimmy and Brock are spending some quality time together watching a porn video. Brock’s dick is getting hard so he takes it out and starts jerking off. Jimmy sees where this is going and reaches over to assist his buddy. Jimmy strokes Brock for a bit then decides to give him some real pleasure. Jimmy moves down to Brock’s cock and starts sucking the straight boy off. Jimmy acts like he doesn’t care at first and continues watching the porn on the TV. The feeling of a man’s mouth around his hard cock is too much to pass up. He grabs the back of Jimmy’s head to push his face pubes deep down his throat. Clearly Brock is in charge now! Jimmy flips onto his back with his legs in the air waiting for Brock to fuck his ass. There is no time to locate a condom so in he goes, raw. Brock fucks Jimmy bareback in a few positions until he releases his creamy jizz directly onto Jimmy’s raw hole.

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hairy chested straight man gets a gay blowjob in a NYC apartment

It’s been a bit since Dave has stopped by the apartment at NY Straight Men. He has been busy with a new girlfriend. She asked him to shave his head which, as you can see, he did. Personally, I think that the bald head, beard, hairy chest, and pierced nipple is HOT! His muscular body is nice too. Trey doesn’t waste a lot of time with small talk, he gets right down in front of Dave to undo his pants and get at the straight man’s cock. Dave isn’t wearing underwear making the journey and the view easier for us. Dave is hard as Trey slurps down his hard cock. The men move over to the sofa where Trey removes Dave’s jeans and shoes. From standing to sitting positions we get plenty of close up views as Trey delivers the blowjob to his horny straight friend. Dave loves the deep throat action delivered by the gay man. He squirms and moans as he gets close to cumming.  Trey jerks the stream of thick jizz from Dave’s dick then milks it to release every sweet drop.

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see them cum now at Bait Buddies

There is no trickery involved with this scene featuring big dicked straight guy Grayson James and his bisexual buddy Anthony Price. Grayson is well endowed enough that non of his girlfriends will let him fuck them in the ass. Anthony has a girlfriend too but likes the feel of a dick in him once in a while as well. Hooking these two up was the work of bait Buddies and they catch the whole thing on HD video for us. As Grayson is getting undressed his big dick comes out. He casually says that he considers himself fairly well endowed. I guess you could call a 9 inch cock well endowed enough. Anthony like the look of his big dick enough that he starts rubbing and sucking it before he is even undressed. Anthony has a little trouble swallowing the full length but looks darn cute trying. Grayson isn’t too into dick but reluctantly returns the oral pleasure to the boy he’s about to fuck. Grayson sits in the chair with his hard dick covered with a large condom as Anthony preps his tight ass with some lube. Anthony lowers himself onto Grayson’s hard cock slow at first then speeds up to bounce on Grayson’s long sex pole. After Anthony is sufficiently loosened up, the guys move to the bed where Grayson continues to fill the bi boy’s butt with his big cock. Grayson loves the tight feeling of a good ass fucking about as much as Anthony loves getting it. Anthony cums with Grayson still in him while Grayson pulls out soon after to spunk on Anthony’s leg.


Tattooed army guy shows off his ripped body and 8 inch dick

Colby is a recent army discharge that comes to southern California for some sun and surf after spending the last part of his enlistment in Alaska. All that time in the cold north must be where he found the time to get the huge tattoo on his chest as well as some other interesting body art done. Colby looks nervous as he starts his interview and says that he is not sure he will even be able to get hard with another guy watching him. Jason has a way with first time straight guys and makes Colby comfortable before getting him to undress. Colby says that he feels average when it comes to looks and the dick department but I would say otherwise after seeing his video. He is very cute, has a lean army PT body with great abs, and a very nice 8 inch cock with a slight curve that makes it point up when hard. Colby has little trouble getting hard as he thought he would. Soon after he is naked he is rock hard and stroking away to bust his load onto his slightly hairy belly.

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man in a business suite gets head from a tattooed gay man

The crew at NY Straight Men were surprised when Brent showed up to get a blowjob. See, Brent told them he was a painter but failed to mention he is also the owner of the company. Personally I like men in a suite and Brent looks great dressed in gray. Trey couldn’t wait for Brent to get out of his pants and pulls his dick out through the zipper of his dress pants to start sucking the straight man’s cock. As the dick sucking continues Brent takes his clothes off until he is totally naked. Watching the transformation from sharp dressed businessman to hunky tattooed stud is cool and the tattoos on his arm are a nice touch. Kind of like good guy goes bad before our eyes. Trey gives awesome head as any of the straight men he services can attest to and Brent is shooting his load across Trey’s neck, shoulder, and chest in streams when he cums.

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Seamus O'Brien gets jacked off by Dirty Tony

Seamus O’Brien is a straight guy that, like many men, wants to get into porn so he can get paid to fuck slutty women. He did one porn scene before but had trouble getting hard with other guys around. Tony has a way of making straight guys comfortable and as we see, Seamus is no exception. Seamus has no trouble getting undressed to show us his lean tattooed body and even gives us a quick look at his ass. Sweet! With barely a touch his cock is hard and ready as he lies back to start stroking. Tony wants to measure Seamus’ dick and grabs hold to lay the ruler against his hard dick. Seamus doesn’t mind and even kind of enjoys the grip of a hand around his horny cock so… Tony keeps stroking the straight guys dick for him. Hell, I know that I would. Seamus enjoys the hand job so much that he doesn’t care when Tony takes his own hard dick out to jerk off too. Judging by the nice load that Seamus shoots and the fact that he even lets Tony jizz across his belly; I’d say that this straight guy enjoyed his gay jerk off.

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From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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