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When Derrick Paul seen that a porn convention was in town he had to check it out. When the producer for Bait Buddies saw Derrick he grabbed one of his gay bait models, Jake Austin and went over with camera in hand to check Derrick out. Like most straight guys, Derrick has dreamed of doing a porn video for years and is certainly interested in getting paid to have sex. During his interview Derrick says that what his girlfriend doesn’t know wont hurt her and admits that he has thought about sex with another guy before but never acted on it. I guess if there is a time to go gay it’s when you’re getting paid for it and the guy who is sucking your cock is as good looking as Jake. They take Derrick back to an Egyptian decor room to get him naked and hard stroking his own cock before Jake moves in to give Derrick a real gay sex experience as both a giver and a getter.

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Daniel and Price are back at Broke Straight Boys and this time one of them is going to bottom. The guys did great the last time they appeared to blow each other so the expectations are high. After explaining how they each need cash the hard part comes up, who is going to get fucked. They play a game of rock, paper, and scissors to decide. Price loses and will be the bottom boy for Daniel. As they get undressed it becomes very obvious that Daniel is ready to go; his cock is already hard as his underwear come down. Price is still soft and receives a little oral encouragement from Daniel in the form of a a blowjob. Once Price is hard he switches places with Daniel and sucks his dick for a while. Now that both are rock hard, it is time for Price to take Daniel’s dick up his tight straight ass. Price applies a generous amount of lube to his virgin hole as Daniel rolls a condom over his long thick dick. Daniel goes in nice and slow and is careful not to hurt his friend too much. Once he is all the way in he speeds up and gets down to fucking Price hard and fast. The tightness of a man’s ass is too much for Daniel and he shoots his load quickly. Daniel is a good sport and massages Price’s balls and fingers his ass while Price jerks his own dick using Daniel’s cum for lube. Price has a nice cumshot that sends jizz onto his smooth chest and stomach. Both guys are smiling and happy in the end and why not be? Each guy got off and both got the cash they badly needed. Visit Broke Straight Boys now for the full video or learn more about the site here

Broke Straight Boys - Daniel & Price

Straight amateur Beau Kennedy answered a casting call ad because he loves porn and wants to be part of the action. Besides, getting paid to fuck hot girls is too cool. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that the producer wants him to do a scene with the naked gay guy sitting next to him on the couch. Beaus explains that the whole gay thing isn’t his bag. The producer already has Beau naked and offers him more cash to stay. The decision to stay was a good one for Beau because his gay costar is exceptional at sucking straight guys cock and loves to get fucked with a big cock. Beau is big. His thick cock is about 9.5 inches but looks bigger against his skinny body. Noah moves in to take every inch of Beau’s big dick in his mouth. Beau seems okay with Noah’s blowjob but really gets excited when he fucks his new gay buddy. Beau is in pure bliss as Noah sits on his hard cock and starts riding it. Bea says no girl has ever let him fuck them in the ass. Luckily Noah loves it and is ready for a serious pounding. Beau positions Noah on his back and grabs his legs then goes to town filling Noah’s butt with every bit of his dick. Noah loves the huge straight boys cock in him and sprays his load out onto his smooth stomach. It isn’t long before Beau is depositing his own jizz to the mess on Noah’s torso. He leaves a stream of cum down the gay guys chest making a big sticky mess.

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see the full length video now

The amateurs at Broke Straight Boys masturbate, suck dick and fuck in first time male on male duo action, and once they become at ease in front of the camera are invited back for an opportunity to make even more money as part of a group. This is the case with Shane and Josh who have both done a single scene before as they are paired with BSB member’s favorite Mike. Typically it’s the awkward sex and facial expressions these straight guys make as they suck dick or get fucked for the first time however this scene it is the interview that had me grinning. The producer says “if only this futon could talk” and one of the guys responds “it would be choking on cum”. It is too damn funny as over 100 of guys have shot their load atop that well used futon.

After a short interview and discussion of the most important issue of how much each is going to make, the guys construct a plan and get right to it. All three take off their clothes and underwear. It looks like Mike has more tattoos on him each time he comes back and he appears a little scruffier than usual as well. He joins Josh & Shane on the futon and all three lend a hand to each other jerking their partners dick. With all three semi hard they move into the famous broke straight boys wave formation. This formation is when all the guys are sucking cock and in this case it is Josh sucking on Shane and Mike swallowing Josh’s hard cock. They continue sucking each other off for a bit then move into the fucking action. Josh easily agreed that he would be the one getting fucked today but only by Shane. (how sweet) That leaves Mike to observe, provide instructions, and push his dick into josh’s mouth while Shane fills his ass. We get an excellent look at Shane’s tall thin body as he pounds Josh’s virgin ass. The close up view of Shane’s long cock moving in and out with his ripped abs and dark treasure trail is great!

Mike and Shane go on fucking Josh’s mouth and ass until Shane pulls his long dick out and jerks his load across Josh’s body. The cum trails from Josh’s left shoulder and throat down his chest and belly. Josh cums next; adding to the pool of spunk on his belly. Mike adds his spunk to the mix with his signature explosive cum shot that sends a stream of cum across Josh’s shoulder and down to his thigh. Josh is covered in 3 straight guys cum as they finish and head off to shower.

Straight guys have gay 3 way for pay

straight guys go gay for pay

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Cody has done a few appearances at Broke Straight Boys but this; his first time is one of my favorites. Cody is a straight 19 year old that is between high school and college and needed money for school. Like a lot of first time guys, he was nervous getting naked in front of the camera. As he strips off his clothes we learn that Cody is 6 feet 5 inches tall and wears a size 13 shoe. You know what they say about guys with big feet! To see Cody’s cock soft it doesn’t look like much. He plays with his dick for a while with minimum results then adds a little lube that perks his cock right up. Once hard Cory lightens up a bit and starts to have some fun. By the way, Cory is a grower for sure. His dick wasn’t much to look at soft but hard, it grows and grows until it reaches a full 9 inches and has a slight curve. I guess the bit about big feet is true. In a playful mood Cody strokes his long hard 9 inch cock and at one point even tries to put his head down and put his cock into his own mouth. He doesn’t quite make it but it sure is fun to watch him try. A little more lube and some TLC his cock is throbbing and shooting his thick cum load across his thin hairless stomach. Seeing that big puddle of cum on this tall blond boy’s body is awesome. When he comes back to do a few more scenes with other straight boys is even hotter.

19 year old straight boy tries to self suck his 9 inch dick

straight guys go gay for pay

From average looking first time amateurs to ripped god-like jocks we love watching straight boys having gay sex or jacking off for the first time with a friend. We will post pictures and videos of the straight men we like best here. This is only a hobby so updates may not be regular. You can be kept up to date of the latest straight boys gone gay by subscribing to our RSS feed or simply add us to your favorites and coming back for more when you are in the mood for straight guy gay sex.



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