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When you’re away at college and without your wife; what’s a horned up guy to do?  Warren has the answer for Shawn in the form of a gay blowjob!  The young men have fun as they strip naked and relax on the black leather sofa.  Warren reaches over to grab at Shawn’s growing meat then licks his way down the smooth chest to swallow Shawn’s throbbing dick.  The straight guy loves the feeling so much that he is willing to return the oral favor, slurping down Warren’s hard cock.  Shawn jerks a load from Warren then shoves his dick back into Warren’s mouth to bust his own nut across the cute college boy’s face!

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Terry is ready to go as things get started in his debut video at Southern Strokes. Don’t let the boyish looks of this cute blond fool you. He’s 24 years old and loves to get wild. You can tell he has a wild side when it comes to sex with his girlfriend and he likes it a little rough. He tells us all about his favorite positions as he tugs his pud to a full erection. This guy has a nice thick cock with a slight curve and nicely groomed pubes. All the better for sucking! Terry doesn’t seem to care who watches as he strokes his throbbing meat and humps the bed. Not many str8 boys will show their asshole in gay porn but Terry isn’t shy. Not only do we get a great view of his butt; he also shows us his forbidden hole before shooting his load across his abs.


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One look at the picture above and it is obvious which of the two is the gay one. Joey Love is the cute 23 year old blond that has a major thing for straight boys. He loves the chance and a chance at the forbidden fruits of straight cock. Joey is so excited to be a new “bait boy” that his dick is rock hard before the ruse is presented to the unsuspecting straight, Duncan Black. Duncan is auditioning for a porn video because he likes fucking. Who doesn’t? The difference is that he is willing to have sex with hot bitches on camera. Oh his surprise when they offer him twice the money if he does the scene with his horny and hard pal Joey. I love that Joey stays hard through this scene. His dick stands nearly straight up from the time both get naked until he shoots his load with Duncan still fucking him. Duncan, on the other hand, seems like a real straight guy, not getting fully hard until Joey is between his legs sucking his 6.5 inch cock. Straight guys love to get head and if it feels good, most don’t care who it comes from. Joey’s own hard-on shows that he likes sucking Duncan as much if not more than Duncan likes getting sucked. Duncan gets more engaged when the fucking starts. Joey’s butt is tighter than any pussy Duncan has ever fucked. The tight hole fels so good! Duncan works up a nice sweat pounding Joey from a few positions on the sofa. With Duncan balls deep in Joey’s ass, Joey shoots a stream of cum up his chest that splashes next to his dark nipple. Duncan finishes things releasing his jizz onto Joey’s groin. While it was Joey that had his fantasy filled today, both men look very satisfied with the end result.

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Straight military men Jimmy and Brock are spending some quality time together watching a porn video. Brock’s dick is getting hard so he takes it out and starts jerking off. Jimmy sees where this is going and reaches over to assist his buddy. Jimmy strokes Brock for a bit then decides to give him some real pleasure. Jimmy moves down to Brock’s cock and starts sucking the straight boy off. Jimmy acts like he doesn’t care at first and continues watching the porn on the TV. The feeling of a man’s mouth around his hard cock is too much to pass up. He grabs the back of Jimmy’s head to push his face pubes deep down his throat. Clearly Brock is in charge now! Jimmy flips onto his back with his legs in the air waiting for Brock to fuck his ass. There is no time to locate a condom so in he goes, raw. Brock fucks Jimmy bareback in a few positions until he releases his creamy jizz directly onto Jimmy’s raw hole.

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I’m not sure how Jason, the owner of Spunk Worthy, finds these guys to come over and get off on camera. Brady is one of the latest guys that has opened up to new ideas while sitting naked on the black leather sofa. Brady is a military guy that thought it would be cool to get paid to jerk off. He did a video a few years ago at another site and then gave it up. Until now.

Brady is getting naked as he talks with Jason. Brady has let the hair on his chest grow out a little although it looks trimmed. It is clear that Brady works out. At 6’3″ tall and 225 pounds, he’s no small guy. His broad shoulders and chest form a V that runs straight down his back to a very nice ass. His butt and legs are nice and hairy but it looks like his balls are shaved smooth and pubes trimmed. I don’t know why these straight guys trim so much. Especially the guys like Brady who already sports a 7 inch dick. He doesn’t need it to look bigger. Jason was impressed with the length and girth of Brady’s cock as well and asked if he could measure it. Brady says yes then doesn’t flinch or squirm at all as Jason touches it. Brady doesn’t seem to mind that so Jason takes a grip and starts stroking it. Brady moans with the pleasure of another man’s hand expertly stroking his throbbing dick. Jason minds the step children for the full deal causing Brady to let loose a stream of cum that splashes on his hairy belly and runs down Jason’s hand. Jason milks the last drop of cum from Brady’s cock before giving him a towel to clean up with. Since this scene was filmed, Brady has been back at Spunk Worthy for a gay blowjob. You gotta love those horny straight boys.

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Blake Savage is a straight college baseball player. Blake has a beard and very hairy crotch but a relatively smooth chest and stomach. There is a patch of hair in the center of his chest and a thin ring of brown fuzz encircling each nipple. Blake tells us that he needs cash to pay his rent and is willing to show gay men his cock and jerk off on camera for the right amount of money. The do say that every straight boy has his price at Broke Straight Boys and Blake is no exception. He slowly takes off his clothes to display every inch of his naked body including a rare look at his fur lined ass crack. Blake leaves his pubes intact and has a nice big ball sac. It seems difficult for Blake to get hard at first but eventually his dick grows to a nice hard erection. As Blake lets his inhibitions go he rubs himself as he rubs his hard dick moaning in pleasure. The more he goes the sexier it gets as this straight boy lets loose and gets into his jerk off video shooting a sticky load of cum for a grand finish to his first adult video. Hopefully it will not be his last.

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